Environmental commitment

Sanlufilm is a company committed to environmental care and focused on sustainability in every process.

We undertake the commitment to optimize the use of resources and minimize environmental impact caused by the generation of waste.

By applying science to business, we offer more environmentally friendly formulations, with higher performance and more savings.

100% Recyclable

Zero waste

We optimize the use of line materials to recover cuttings and reduction in the production process and thus we obtain high-quality products taking care of the environment.

100% Recyclable products

Our polyethylene packaging, developed with special resins, are 100% reusable, offering highest-quality products and minimizing environmental impact. Such development carried out by SANLUFILM is certified by Ecoplas “Manito”.

Formula innovation

We design innovative formulaes that optimize the performance of raw materials, maintaining and even improving their mechanical features, offering our customers highest-quality and reliable film, with improved characteristics, thus minimizing environmental impact.