International markets

Our market has been growing on a regional basis over the years. We have positioned as an integral solutions supplier in the field of flexible films, supplying multinational companies and resolving in a single supplier the provision to production plants in the region. We are in the middle of an international expansion process, reaching new markets in countries of the region.

With our customers' needs in the center of our procedures, and with the aim of achieving an excellent service level, we have kept for over 30 years a career as strategic allies of top leading companies.

Mercosur and neighbouring countries

Our production plant and distribution center are strategically located in the Province of San Luis, in the geographical center of Argentina. Such location allows us to radially supply the different points in the country and abroad with a quick response time.

We are projecting the expansion of our logistical capacity with the installation of distribution centers in neighboring countries. Today, our products are present in Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, among other countries within the region.