Secondary packaging

Pack Up Plus Bags

Bags for manual secondary packaging. They allow the saving of material through an improvement to the formulae which increases the mechanical features reducing thickness. Leading product in the DIAPER, COTTON, etc., industries.

UltraFix Bags

Bags for manual secondary packaging. Sliding features in the interior part to facilitate the filling and anti-slip features to provide the stowage pallet with firmness. Leading product in the DIAPER, COTTON, etc., industries.

Tripack Sheets

It is a 3-layer film line manufactured through the co-extrusion process of special resins, which formulations result in products with features adjusted to needs.
Leading product in secondary packaging of food, hygiene products and personal care, paper industries, etc.

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Thermo Pack Sheets printed in up to 8 colors

Including thermo-contraction technology, the thermo pack sheets combine high-quality printing and mechanical features required for the correct packaging of products.
Used in every kind of consumption area, the main ones being food, bottling companies, home care, personal care, construction, etc.

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Ultrafix Sheet

Product in the Tripack family especially designed for light products with three main features: external anti-slip to improve the pallet stability, mechanical outstanding resistance, and high weldability. Mainly used in the diaper and paper industries.

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Conventional materials vs. Sanlufilm